Monetization Platform for Publishers

A central solution for publishers – easy to integrate – always up to date.


The Traffective platform empowers sophisticated publishers transparency, indepency and higher yield.

One interface, full control about integrated holistically demand sources and our speedy implementation will provide you with a perfect technical solution to grow your digital business.

Easy integration

Integrate a ready-made JS code into the head element of your website once. This integration begins the optimization of your advertising revenues.

Single platform centralization

The proprietary solution creates a centralized and flexible ad-set-up on your website, optimizing digital revenues down to the individual ad units!

Optimizing digital advertising revenue

The system enables an auction process via a Server2Server query. The ads with the highest bid appear on your ad slots. This ensures maximum monetization.

Comprehensive transparency of all advertising revenues

The program presents all advertising auction results in real time providing a transparent reporting on underlying levels, such as: revenues per ad unit, domain and advertising partner. The master reporting methodology bundles all relevant Key Performance Indicators at a glance.



satisfied publishers

How does the business model work?

Each publisher can focus on their core competence – creation of content. Traffective’s simple and unique integration, offers publishers access to the world’s largest advertising marketplaces. Traffective permits publishers to quickly and nimbly integrate new market participants without huge amounts of administrative or IT time.

Case Studies

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