One contract.
One integration
One dedicated team
for your monetization

We are always at your side with the Traffective monetization platform, the Traffective CMP-Tool and solutions for all aspects of advertising financing.

We ourselves are fascinated by consuming digital content and services. We believe in an ad-supported business model for platforms that provide these content and services.

Our drive is to better understand, perfect and sustain the play between advertising funding and user interactions. We see this as the foundation for the future viability of the digital content and service platform ecosystem.

In order to bring users, advertisers and digital providers together efficiently and successfully, the technological ecosystem must continue to evolve.

Our goal is to create the technological conditions for this with our Traffective monetisation platform. We reduce the complexity in the technological ecosystem. With the help of our products and solutions, our clients can do business efficiently and sustainably.

Our clients can focus on their core competence, and we are always on hand with the Traffective monetisation platform, the Traffective CMP tool and solutions for all advertising finance needs.

Your benefits:

  • Focusing & saving time at all hierarchical levels
  • Maximum advertising revenues with your individual advertising set-up
  • Full transparency of revenue, data and performance
  • Maintenance & optimisations without costs and effort
  • Permanent data protection compliance and full capacity to act with the Traffective CMP tool

Traffective is the greatest possible lever to increase the added value for your platforms.

One contract, one integration, one dedicated team for your monetization.

Tech Partnerships
& Digital Associations

  • Emetriq
  • Semasio
  • Google-Certified-Publishing-Partner
  • Index-Exchange
  • Flap.One
  • Magnite
  • BVDW-Mitglied
  • PubMatic
  • Teads
  • Amazon
  • Xandr
  • Yieldlab
  • IAB-Europe
  • OpenX
  • Prebid Member

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