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We increase digital revenue for publishers
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  • World’s largest Advertiser Pool
  • “NO BAD ADS”
  • 100% transparency
  • Solution orientated support

Traffective Analyse

free analysis of
marketing structures

Traffective Adserver Strukuren

adaptation of individual
adserver structures
incl. ad templates

Traffective Innovativ

monetization solutions

Traffective Technology



Each Publisher concentrates on his core competence – content.
Reduce your adminstration time on adservers, implementation on adTags and managing AdUnits. We offer you a simple way of adserving and technology while saving your own technical ressources.

  • Easy implementation set up
  • Reduced administration time
  • Audience Data Transfer to Sell Side Platform
  • Detailled reports and transparency on your KPIs
Arbitrage Tracking
  • Know-how about ad revenue
Visibility Tracking
  • Transparency on user interactions of your website
AdBlocking Detection
  • Know-how about the number of users blocking ads

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Traffective Technology

Think Tank

We work close with publishers while understanding publishers’ needs and demand. In order to serve tools and technology towards our partners’ needs, we developed a forum to let your needs become part of our developement and services.

  • Know-how about Trends and newest publisher tools
  • Access to Beta features
  • Exclusive support

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About Us

Traffective is a veteran in the publishing business with more than 15 years of experience. We help publishers grow their digital ad revenue at every business stage, specializing in:
Programmatic solutions that connect publishers with top media buyers
Cross-device solutions in display, mobile, and video Brand-safe environments utilizing owned and third-party tools.

  • certified Google Partner
  • professional Usage of all Google Publishing Products