The Traffective Monetization Platform

Constantly increase advertising revenues with our intelligent monetization platform! That is our commitment to publishers.

Plattform #1

Premium ad server Google 360 with extended functionality for all publishers Partnerships offer "best-in-class" technical ad server infrastructure

Plattform #2

The publisher's direct business positively coexists with our digital monetization solution. We increase and optimize your advertising revenues on the inventory that is not sold directly - and this via an auction principle of the "highest bidder".

Plattform #3

Open Bidding - connection of the qualitatively most important advertising revenue sources ensures maximum auction pressure in header bidding

Plattform #4

The monetization platform reduces complexity through a custom-fit solution and demonstrably reduces technical and administrative effort on the part of publishers. The unique and maintenance-free integration ensures fast deployment, technical flexibility and very high transparency.

Plattform #5

Additional advertising revenues via our programmatic deals of Flap.One increases advertising revenues from agency & direct business


Traffective Ad Stack

As an officially listed Google Certified Publisher Partner, we use the ad server system Google Ad Manager 360 for our publishers. With this, we serve the premium ad server variant with extended functionality for all publisher partnerships.

All Partners

Header Bidding Integration

Best-in-class header bidding solution set-up

Open Bidding

Allows publishers to invite third-party demand partners to compete for your inventory in a single auction with real-time server-to-server bidding

Native Suite Programmatic

Programmatic connection to revenues from native advertising that they fit smoothly into the content of your website

Enterprise & Strategic Partners

Native Suite Direct Business

Improve your direct business with native ad formats that blend harmoniously with your site’s content

Audience Targeting Module

Audience segmentation set-up in order to provide targeted campaigns

Contextual Targeting

Reach your audience by semantic targeting options

Individual Creative Templates

Ad templates set-up for your direct business campaign enables additional ad opportunites beside IAB standard ads

Traffective Business Intelligence

Secure important additional information and thus a decisive knowledge advantage about your business with simple and meaningful reports from our Business Intelligence Suite!

Enterprise & Strategic Partners

Cookie Vendor Report

Automatically check which cookies are stored on devices and how the vendor uses the stored data

Demand Source Report

Which sell side platform brings which performance metrics? Start your analyses with a simple overall overview per advertising revenue source.

Revenue Report per URL / Article

Which content monetizes and in what way? This report provides you with important detailed information on the alignment of your content strategy and analyzes advertising revenues down to the URL level.

Traffic Source Report

Which traffic source brings which revenue? Compare the revenue ratio by traffic source and get the advantage about the direction of your traffic strategy.

Demand Partner Management

Which sell side platforms offer a quality network of advertisers or specialize in specific ad formats? We constantly screen and analyze the market for new monetization opportunities and connect them to our monetization platform without any technical effort for publishers. The selection of new marketplace partnerships always takes place in compliance with our guidelines and quality standards.

All Partners

SSP Management

Permanently screening the market and onboarding most important and relevant SSPs


Block advertisers on your inventory at anytime

Floor Pricing

Active floor price management enables a higher yield

Enhanced Demand Management

Get the highest possible revenue by adding special formats from premium demand partners

FLAP.ONE – Sales House for Programmatic Advertising

Gain incremental revenue driven by FLAP.ONE through private deals from advertisers & agencies

Header Bidding

Deploying an in-house developed bidding system & server based on Prebid for desktop, mobile, AMP, APP and video inventory. Server- and client-side open bidding ensures high inventory utilization and maximum auction pressure in addition to programmatic deal business.

All Partners

Ad Fraud Prevention

Stop Bad Ads – we make sure that bad ads are prevented

Ads.txt Management

Manage and automatically validate your ads.txt files online


Server Side Header Bidding on AMP


Header Bidding on your APP

Automatic Updates

Automatic ad set-up and updates without code changes

Best-in-class SSPs

Get the world’s premium demand from selected SSPs with just one implementation


Monetization through standard and special formats in desktop, mobile, app and AMP


Define native ads in your website style and sell them directly or via programmatic demand


In-stream and out-stream video monetization

Price Optimization

Ongoing floor price optimizations to maximize your yield

Enterprise & Strategic Partners

Special AdFormats

Define ad formats beside IAB standard format to reach your audience attention

Supply Management

Simplify your day-to-day business with our supply management services. Reposition ads or automatically update ads without code changes? Native ad formats in the design of the website for your direct sales?support in the direct booking business of advertising customers? We support you technically and operationally at any time with a dedicated team – including guaranteed response times and service level agreements!

All Partners

Ad Layout

Define and test different creatives to engage your audience attention

Cloud Infrastructure for Automatic Ad Set-up and Optimization

Automatic ad set-up and updates without code changes

Constant Visibility Optimization

Traffectives lazy loading enginge ensures high visibility rates

Service Level Ticket Support

48 h response time

Ad Operations Support

Support your day-to-day direct campaign business

Support Contingent per Month

Support level from 1h per month up to an individual agreement

Dedicated Publisher Manager

Supports your day-to-day buiness

Enterprise & Strategic Partners

A/B Testing

Test different ad placements and formats

Quarterly Business Review

Quarterly strategic business review and update

Biweekly Businees Meeting

Biweekly operative business review and update

Strategic Partners

Annual Review & Business Planning Workshop

Annualy business planning and consulting meeting

Dedicated Technical Ressource

Additional ressource consults or supports your business

Business Insights and Analysis

Knowledge advantage through simple and unified reporting on all revenue metrics for publisher decision making. We offer detailed transparency about the current day-to-day business in real time.

All Partners

Unified Reporting Dashboard

All Revenue KPIs in a unified realtime reporting dashboard

Data Visualization

Get an overiew of your revenue data by day or date range

Custom Reports (Domain/Ad Size/Ad Unit/Devices)

Analyse your turnover in detail

Enterprise & Strategic Partners

3rd Party Reporting Integration (Outbrain, Taboola,etc.)

Get an overview of all revenue streams in a unified reporting dashboard

Direct Busines Revenue Report

Include your direct revenue business to get an unified report across all your revenues

Traffic Source Reporting

Analyse and get valuable insights on your revenue by traffic scource

Strategic Partners

API Services

Get data directly in your enterprise ressource planning system

Ad Server Technology and Compatibility

Google 360: Premium ad server Google 360 with extended functionality for all publisher partnerships offers a “best-in-class” technical ad server infrastructure. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, we work with all publishers through the Multi
Customer Management (MCM) model from Google together.

Multi-client ad server with own login for publishers to book own campaigns & reporting.

All Partners

Ad Exchange Operations

Management of Google Ad Exchange on behalf of the publisher as well as integration of Google Ad Exchange

Ad Server Set-up

Technical setup of Google Ad Manager according to the publisher’s needs

Enterprise & Strategic Partners

Campaign Management

Ad operations and campaign management support