Monetization Platform for Publisher


Innovative technology based on your requirements

We provide publishers with a proprietary solution:

Get all management and performance measurements from one system; no need for manual ad market place systems!

Get real time reporting of advertising programmatic sales-reports provide a comprehensive analysis of sales data as well as specifics on incremental sale data.

Professional and transparent solution.

Our service will simplify complex structures in programmatic advertising and increase your digital advertising revenues. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner), we provide the know-how and professional use of all Google Publishing products. We complete this with a Traffective Monetization Platform and various modules.

Your advantages

  • Easy integration without technical complexity
  • Digital monetization knowledge ensures long-term advertising revenue optimization
  • The centralized platform reduces your administration time and overall complexity costs in programmatic sales
  • Solution-oriented and fast support for an efficient cooperation
  • 100% transparency along the revenue chain
  • Publisher-oriented product development

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