Traffective Consent Management Tool

Traffective GmbH is an official Consent Management Provider in the IAB Consent Framework.

The Traffective Consent Management Tool requests consent for the use of cookies from each individual user. The tool also records and manages the individual user’s consent and gives them an overview of their opt-ins at any time with the option to revoke their consent. Furthermore, the tool corresponds with the attached advertising partnerships and transmits the corresponding consents and objections to the attached cooperation partnerships.

How does the Consent Management Tool work?

The Consent Management Tool offers you a simple solution to request consent for the use of personal data provided by your users, whether the data may be stored and processed.

When you activate the Consent Management Tool in your account login of the Traffective Monetization Platform, an information will appear with the message that data will be collected.

It offers the user full transparency about the kinds of purposes for which his data is processed, which advertising companies may use it and gives the user the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time (so-called opt-out).

Legally compliant, high-performance, simple integration – your solution for compliance with the DSGVO.

The Traffective Consent Management Tool is based on the standard introduced by the industry association IAB Europe, the IAB Transparancy & Consent Framework. The Traffective is an officially listed Consent Management Provider with ID 21 in the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework.

The Traffective Consent solution determines whether a user has already given consent on other websites, for what purposes and provider it has been made, can directly use already given consent – without displaying the user an information about GDPR again. This significantly reduces website loading times and synergy effects allow data to be transmitted directly to advertising, analytics and other providers.

In addition to the sales platforms/advertisers listed in the IAB Consent Framework, the Traffective Consent Management Tool will also collect offers requiring the publisher’s consent.

Completely in your Look & Feel and individually adaptable

The Traffective solution gives you a free hand in adjusting the GDPR information displayed for users. With just a few simple inputs, you can completely customize it to match the look and feel of your website design. Insert your own logo for each domain, adjust the language of the text, determine font and size.

Internationally applicable

The Traffective Consent Tool currently supports the following language versions:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Polisch

Depending on the browser language setting, your users will automatically be given a suitable language version – of course exactly in the design you have defined.

Consent Analytics provide you with information

Since a solution only makes sense if you also know what is happening in the background, the Traffective solution offers evaluation options as an ‘advanced feature’. We measure:

  • How many users got the approval pop-up displayed?
  • How many opt-ins were obtained?
  • How many opt-outs have been made?
  • How many clicks went to advanced settings?

All our partners receive our CMP solution free of charge as an additional service. Our platform will automatically obtain and log your visitors’ approvals. Our tool provides a powerful, flexible and proven solution for cookie compliance, including support for visual customization and branding.

It is designed to meet the complex requirements of the basic data protection regulation, provide publishers with a simple and flexible solution, and meet future requirements of the upcoming ePrivacy regulation.