• Yield Management

    A key instrument to optimize ad revenue.

  • Google AdSense Optimization

    Traffective ist official „Google AdSense Certified Partner“ and offers the management of Google Adsense as well as consultancy services in order to raise your ad revenues.

  • Google Ad Exchange

    Google Ad Exchange ist the realtime market place for display ads in order to optimise ad revenue.


Google AdSense Certified Partner

Traffective GmbH offers the optimization and monetization via AdSense for content, game, mobile and video as an additional revenue channel for website operators. As a Google AdSense Certified Partner, we offer best practice as well as know how in order to achieve the best revenue results for a website. The overall goal is to maximize and optimize your advertising revenues through premium Adsense features, the latest display technologies and Realtime Bidding Systems. In addition we optimize ad inventory with the Google Ad Exchange, which allows us a real-time auction of inventory to achieve the highest eCPM. Traffective is the official "Google AdSense Certified Partner" and provides operational management of Google Adsense as well as consultancy services to increase your advertising revenues.

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Google Ad Exchange

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a real-time digital ad marketplace that connects publishers with agencies, ad networks and third-party technology providers. We monetize ad inventory in real-time and support publishers to get the best eCPM. All campaigns will be managed through the technological infrastructure based on DFP. This intelligent adserver set up enables us to allocate ad inventory on behalf of you dynamically, so that you can fully concentrate on your daily business. As a partner of us, you can rely on fast service and support as well as on quality of clients according to your business goals.

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Yield Management

Yield management is key for an optimal modulation of your ad inventory. Our claim: any inventory is sold in real-time to the highest bidding customers. In order to achieve the best possible selling price (eCPM), it is recommended to let advertisers compete on your inventory. The yield management system through the Google Ad Exchange provides the opportunity to bring advertisers and agencies in an auction for an unique ad impression. We take over the entire yield management and the acquisition of various advertisers for you and provide you with a transparent reporting of all key metrics by accessing your personal login area.

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DFP Adserver Setup

We support our partners in the establishment of the ad server DFP. The DoubleClick ad server can be used for all sizes of companies and websites and offers many advantages to you to serve your inventory easily and optimize your advertising revenues. Our professional support encompasses the establishment of the DFP set up as well as the linking of all Google products and the creation of orders. In addition, our service includes a tailored ad server inventory structure, adjustment of the custom targeting settings as well as transferring, installation and controlling of ad tags to a third party. Key to success and advantage for you in order to grow your advertising revenue is the dynamic allocation of ad inventory with DFP ad server, which allows a competition on adspace by direct campaigns and ad inquiries from adexchanges in order to achieve the best eCPM.

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Sascha Schlüter, 39, is managing director and responsible for business development as well as new business. In addition he is the motivitor of the team. His principle: „There can be only a future if there are current visions“!


Heiko Staab, 34, specialized on campaigns and yield management is responsible and contact person for key accounts and client management. His principle: „Expertise and quick response characterizes a good cooperation!"


Matthias Greiner, 37, sales man, is responsible for new business. His principle: „The best result on ad revenue for publishers will be generated by advertiser´s competition!“


Adam Opuchlik, 34,is responsible for the developement of new products und technology. His principle: "Through technology to success!"



We suppport website owners, publishers and media houses with optimal monetization of their digital advertising revenue. As experienced specialists we rely on technology and look back on a long-standing market experience and know-how. Our service includes yield management, Google Adsense optimization and consulting as well as the management of the Google Ad Exchange. An intelligent ad server structure forms the basis for your long-term advertising success. Your benefits as our partners vary from fast response on inquires, market know how, time savings through a reliable partner, flexible cooperation terms and a performance-based business model. We are happy to get in touch with you and to start a successful cooperation.


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